Unhappy Bricked LG G2 Tmobile D801

I think i have bricked mine and hoping the community can help me. I was installing a new rom ([VDT-ROM] V11.5 Super Lite) for my variant, and when i completed the installation, It somehow removed my recovery and couldn't boot. Now when i try to do a restore using the restore to stock procedures it will not let me because the current version says d80210f i believe. when it does allow me to get to restore that version, i am unable to get to the settings to apply root and recovery cause the screen when you touch it cant sense my finger and its acts Totally weird. I have read some ppl have had this issue but i am unable to find a way to fix this. SO please anyone that knows a way to help me get my d801 back to stock from the wrong version. if anyone needs more details let me know.