Default G Pad / CM11 M4 wifi N speeds?

Hi, i was just wondering what kind of wifi speeds you guys have with your g pads?

I am trying to stream HD movies with a xbmc / yatse combination however the tablet keeps buffering.

If i have the tablet 1m from my router it cannot auto negotiate to more than 72mbit and if i do a test with jPerf on a computer en iPerf from markedet i cannot get more than 15 Mbit/s @ 1m and excelent signal (-20/-30dB)

If i use a dlink n port USB dongle from a laptop it gets 150Mbit/s

I have tested with 3 different routers with the same resultall setup for speed with n only, wmm, best channel and so on)
*D-link DIR-665
*Zyxel 300mbit n somthing
*Linksys EA6900

I also tried a simple download from my NAS and to ensure iPerf was correct.
Has anyone one experienced the same problem on CM11 or other roms?