Default [REPAIR HARD BRICK] Test Point For Xperia Z1 Compact

Hi! Yesterday I done stupid thing to my phone which hard bricked my phone Played with GPT gdisk, restored wrong gpt backup which killed my device, phone was dead after reboot, had no fastboot, had no bootloader, only had led blinking red-green . But good news I have repaired my phone sucesfully ! Was a bit lucky since I saved my GPT backup so after unbricking I restored my GPT, than restored TA, rebooted and flashed everything normaly. Device finaly booted

1. DO NOT PLAY WITH FDISK OR GDISK IF YOU NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING SINCE YOUR DEVICE WILL BE HARD BRICKED !!! If you mess your gpt table or change them your device can not be flashed using pc companion or flashtool!!! If you brick gpt table than you will notice hard brick, so my segestion is: do not be stupid like me!!! I was very stupid yesterday and done very bad thing to my new phone using these tools.

Searched for about an hour for pins on my phone and finaly found test point pins, hope picture will save your time, nerve and your device!
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