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I've spent the past couple of days pulling the Newest OTA for the Moto X build 164.55.2 and porting it to the Droid Maxx. I'm pleased to report success.

This port is required to be flashed by RSD Lite.

This port will flash the Moto X system port, Modem, boot, and logo. THIS WILL NOT FLASH THE BOOTLOADER OR GPT

What doesn't work:
Active display is functional, however when operating, the touch circle below the clock is invisible. It is still selectable. If anyone can remedy this I will merge the changes.

On occasion your phone may think it is it's more popular little brother the Moto X. Furthermore it may report as XT1060

1) Unlocked Bootloader
2) TWRP Recovery Installed
3) Basic knowledge of adb and flashing zips in recovery.

1) Download the package linked here

2) Navigate to the RSD lite folder within the package and install it on your PC

3) Install Motorola Device Manager or newest drivers. These can be easily found on the web and your device also prompts to install when connected to the computer.

4) Make A full backup of your current ROM in recovery.

5) Place the two zip folders titled display fix and native tether from the MODS folder, to the root of your SDCard

6) IMPORTANT! In recovery, perform a factory reset. Ensure you only do the basic reset that wipes data (minus internal storage), and cache.

7) Reboot bootloader

8) Open RSD lite and verify the phone is connected to the laptop and shown in RSD.

9) In RSD, navigate to the 4.4.2 port folder within the package and select the "Moto X 4.4.2" XML file.

10) Click the start button and let it flash.

11) Once rebooted into Phone setup. Immediately reboot the phone into recovery.

12) In recovery navigate to install, and install the two mod files we place on the SDCard in step 5.

13) Once completed reboot the phone to system, ensuring to swipe to install Superuser in recovery.

14) Profit. Enjoy. Donate.

OPTIONAL: Remove Bootloader warning logo.

If any of you have mirrors, feel free to mirror and post the link.

Big Thanks to Imnuts for the Tether Package.

and also thanks to Gundabolu SC for the Display package script. Just needed to be edited and updated for 4.4.2


1) Download the modified xml file below

2) Download the 4.4 FXZ for the XT1080 from

3) Replace the XML file in the FXZ with the one downloaded here.

4) Reboot into TWRP recovery and perform a wipe (Data, Cache Only, NOT INTERNAL STORAGE). This will ensure you do not have force closes when back on 4.4 while preserving internal storage.

5) Run the Modified XML file which will flash the stock system, modem, logo and boot back.

6) Profit


Some of you may notice the recent apps button remapped to a menu button after flashing the display fix. If would would like to revert changes, simply download the recent attached to this post and flash in recovery.
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