Default Navigon 7.7.5 HWKeys - differences between Win CE 5.0 - 6.0


i would like to control navigon 7.7.5 with the buttons/control knob, I took a look to HWKeys in usersettings.xml.

One can zoom in/out the map with the keyboard very well in the emulator with CE 5.0.
This doesn´t work anymore in the emulator with CE 6.0.

The keys are handled in navigon also in CE6. You can see this for instances in the adress-input screen. I choose "1" and "2" for zoom/in-out and these buttons are "masked" in the input - this is also the same in CE5.0 and was a "hint" that navigon processed these buttons.

Why this doesn´t work in CE& anymore? Reason? Solution?

best regards