Default [Q] Best Resources to Begin Android Development (With Programming Background in c++)

Hello XDA community,

I am hoping to get advice from others who have already been in my shoes. My goal is to learn how to write code for Android Apps using Java. I have a good background in C++. Mainly from my college classes, not from actual development. This summer I will start an internship where we will be involved in projects that involve Android Programming. I am trying to get a head start and hopefully have a basic app put on the play store by summer.

To reiterate, I do know how to prgram and have a solid background in Object Oriented Programming Languages, I just need to learn Java, and Android.

So my real question is , what would you guys recommend as the best resources. Whether it be online classes, or just documentation that can walk me through doing it on my own. I just feel kind of lost trying to find all of this on my own. I am a full time student so I am just trying not to waste any time on things like just finding a good resource.

Any help would be appreciated guys, thanks in advance.