Default [Q] Xposed framework & issues

Hi, I've seen a related post reg. Xposed framework for our phones, did however see the "need" of starting a new one here.

Anyone having Xposed installed and facing issues:
* serious lag
* random reboots (last week up to 5 per day, de-activating resluted in an immediate "reboot-stop")
* severe battery-drain (just having the screen active resulted in a visible decrease per minute....)

I had themeinstaller applied (love the CM10 thems) as well as advanced power (reboot) and sofkeys.

I did try desabling 1 at the time, nothing worked/helped until finally deactivating framework itself.

Current environment:
* stock
* unlocked B/L
* (rooted...)
* used the latest frameork downloaded form the site

I really love having it, and don't just now want to go to CM11 (waiting for a RC or similar).

txs for the feedback,

codefireX ROM rules! ..... until I changed to the Motorola Razr HD

HTC Touch (windows mobile)
HTC Desire HD ("coma" unfortunately....)
Motorola Razr HD