Default [Q] LS980 - Which ROMs are safe to flash?

Couldn't find an answer to this question, but I come from the Galaxy SIII (d2att) and with that device, you could also flash roms from d2tmo as well. You couldn't flash any other SIII roms on the d2att, though, because of a different partition layout and different hardware.

That said, this is also my first CDMA phone, so I'm really not sure how different they are. So can a vs980 rom, for example, be flashed on the ls980 and then flash a modem/radio/etc from the ls980? I noticed that roms like Mahdi are device agnostic and you install a patch for your specific device. Can this be done with any rom? I ask this because I'm tired of seeing so many roms that I would LOVE to use but can't because there's no ls980 version and it frustrates the crap out of me. It often feels like this is the most under-developed version of the G2.

tl;dr can I install a vs980 rom on ls980 then flash a radio/modem/etc?
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