Default Looking for a person with the program tool4SE

Welcome once again to the forum looking for people with the program tool4SE to break Bootlader because I'm looking for a guy from this forum
Bootlader badly broke this program and talked to a guy with Andorid Forum Polish Forum is only told me that this program can only service the other not because the files were changed by tool4SE link to topic that stretches it / showthread.php? p = 51006212 I'd asked for help I am in a difficult situation, funding, and I would ask for help now I wrote to the guy in the church but not written down and he broke free Bootlader me so much I asked for help to unlock Bootlader hope that guy will write or even read about the many guides is clear that small hands to broken Bootlader a large R pomyśnie not broken bootlader.Więc please help.

Thank you and I look forward to comments