Default Boot Loop G802

Hi guys. Sorry in advance for my english and I hope it's this the right path to explain my proble.

I made the OTA upgrade and, as you know, now my LG G2 D802 it fall in a continue loop with the CWM philz touch v.6
I made a wipe cache, wipe data...wipe everything but nothing helpfully.
I tried to get the download dome (Connect the usb cable while pressing volume up) but nothing appened.
The only way that i see it's work is the sideload metod.

I tried to tranfer via sideload method (adb interface via command line in windows) an image of a custom rom. When the transfer finisced i see on my LG display that now the new rom is installed (as the CWM told me), but when i reboot the sistem i fall anyway in the CWM.

Please how can i fix it? I made de sideload there any way to replace the original recovery or/and the stock rom???