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[ROM][Weekly][P51xx][KK][4.4.4][Linaro][SaberMod][Full-O3][Dhollmen] CyanogenMod 11

OP Markox89

Announcement from Markox89: If you like CyanogenMod, you'll love this optimized version! Hal Jordan approved :P
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19th March 2014, 11:33 AM   |  #1  
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P51xx CyanogenMod 11

Powered with: Linaro, SaberMod, Dhollmen and Full O3 Optimization!


In brightest day, in blackest night, no lag shall escape my sight. Let those who worship Apple's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!

cm-11-20141115-MARKOX89-p51xx is UP!

P5100 Download Folder on AndroidFileHost

P511x Download Folder on AndroidFileHost

AFH calculates md5sum for every build: please, always check it before flashing!

Highlights of the main features:

  1. Dhollmen Kernel (without OC) is compiled with latest (2014.10) Linaro arm-eabi-4.9.2 toolchain


  2. ROM is compiled with latest (4.8.4) SaberMod arm-linux-androideabi-4.8 toolchain


  3. Full -O3 Optimization (both Kernel and ROM), as suggested by JustArchi

  4. Strict-Aliasing Rules


  5. Open source support for Samsung Dock Keyboard

  6. Support for Screen Mirroring through Chromecast


  • Factory reset: Allow passing wipe_media to recovery --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Factory reset: Always show the "delete media" checkbox --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings
  • DeskClock: add missing landscape view --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_DeskClock
  • Camera2: Allow devices to opt-out of threaded camera startup --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Camera2
  • SystemUI : Improve heads up display logic --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Protect windowNoTitle and windowActionBar attributes --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Revert "Themes: Build icon cache when applying icons" --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • wcnss_qmi: Allow targets to provide custom libwcnss_qmi --> CyanogenMod/android_hardware_qcom_wlan
  • SystemUI: hide msim no-sim icons --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • SystemUI: fix msim signal cluster text label spacing --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • ContactsCommon: fix import vcard memory leak --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_ContactsCommon
  • ContactsProvider: Create add default contact as an overlay-able option --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_providers_ContactsProvider
  • UsbSettings: Add UMS mode support --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • ContactsCommon: always create local phone AccountType --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_ContactsCommon
  • Remove the static changelog from production user builds --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings
  • mms: Fix FC when viewing slideshow --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Mms-caf
  • Protected Apps: Delay Protected Apps changed reload till onResume --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Trebuchet
  • Protected Apps: Allow all system apps to see Protected Components --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Protected Apps: Show state by component instead of by app --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings
  • Ignore certain overlaid sms-sending packages --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Ignore certain sms-sending packages --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_opt_telephony
  • UsbSettings: Fix UMS mode --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings
  • Revert 'base: Add P2P interface "p2p0" to tethering support list' --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • ThemeManager: Synchronize access to listeners --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • sensorservice: Register orientation sensor if HAL doesn't provide it --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_native
  • Add option to change timer alert sound --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_DeskClock
  • cm: Add 1440 bootanimation --> CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm
  • Update location tile(2/2) --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings
  • Update location tile(1/2) --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Tether : Update settings app reference --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • camera: allow device to append camera parameters --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av
  • Contacts: Make app name string overlayable --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Contacts
  • SoundRecorder: fix when internal recording error shows --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_SoundRecorder
  • ContactsCommon: use formatted sim name when displaying msim cards --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_ContactsCommon
  • ContactsCommon: fix exporting SIM contacts the first time --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_ContactsCommon
  • ContactsCommon: fix "share visible contacts" showing up blank --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_ContactsCommon
  • Ion: Update supported media types --> CyanogenMod/ion
  • Settings : Add overlay for hiding performance options --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings
  • TeleService: Fix for NPE removing preference --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_services_Telephony
  • Sanity-check paths of files to be restored --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Add additional field checks for deserialization --> CyanogenMod/android_libcore
  • Check component class instead of action --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_CertInstaller
  • CameraService: Fix permissions check issues --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av
  • Externally Reported Low Severity Security Vulnerability: SMS Resend Vulnerability in Android --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Mms
  • Fix crash while installing themes rapidly --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Check for null on originating address in an SMSMessage --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_opt_telephony
  • UnifiedEmail: wrap message details in scroll view --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_UnifiedEmail
  • Contacts: hide Memory Status screen for now --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Contacts
  • Update Asian APNs --> CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm
  • SettingsProvider: fix load protected sms setting logic --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Make people lookup default overlay --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Email : Ability to set default signature --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Email
  • Telephony service: include libphonenumbergoogle --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_services_Telephony
  • Telephony: remove libphonenumbergoogle dependency --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_opt_telephony
  • Add special case for creating Drag Bitmap when dragging All Apps button --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Trebuchet
  • Telephony: Hide getNormalizedAddressesFromPdus --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_opt_telephony
  • Mms: Allow overlaying default sms templates --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Mms-caf
  • Start autofocus only when we have a previewframe --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • SystemUI: Utilize TextureView for CameraTile --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • WhisperPush: Utilize RECEIVE_PROTECTED_SMS for authing --> CyanogenMod/android_external_whispersystems_WhisperPush
  • Telephony: Implement protected sms broadcast API --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_services_Telephony
  • Telephony: Add PROTECTED_SMS_RECEIVED_ACTION --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_opt_telephony
  • Add API for protected SMS receive broadcasts --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Settings: profiles: fix volume streams override behavior --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings
  • Settings: add "Untouched" ring mode option in profiles --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings
  • Settings: fix Profiles expanded desktop choice mapping --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings
  • SoundRecorder: add option menu to view recordings --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_SoundRecorder
  • SoundRecorder: make recording error message more descriptive --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_SoundRecorder
  • cmfm: secure storage and other improvements --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_CMFileManager
  • Contacts : Ability to have custom view contacts default selected --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_ContactsCommon
  • android: add libtruezip repo --> CyanogenMod/android
  • android: add zip and unrar external repos --> CyanogenMod/android
  • vendor: Add zip and unrar applets --> CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cm
  • mms: Fix FC when viewing slideshow --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Mms
  • Revert "Update package names to make Mms-caf buildable" --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Mms-caf
  • uevent: Allow multiple uevent listeners from the same process --> CyanogenMod/android_hardware_libhardware_legacy
  • Expand android.permission.WRITE_THEMES to system|signature --> CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  • Fix possible crash during delivery delay --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Mms
  • photophase: make lwp to survive a reboot --> CyanogenMod/android_packages_wallpapers_PhotoPhase


  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 2.50 GHz
  • MotherBoard: ASUS P5K
  • RAM: 4 GB Corsair DDR2 667 MHz
  • Main HD: SanDisk SSD SDSSDP-128G 128 GB SATA 6 GB/s
  • ccache HD: Western Digital Raptor WD1500ADFD 150 GB SATA 1.5 GB/s
  • OS: Linux Lubuntu 14.10 "Utopic Unicorn" x64
  • Kernel version: 3.16.0


If you're enjoying my work you may consider sending a small donation using this link

Special Thanks:

  • CyanogenMod Rom Dev Team
  • Linaro Dev Team
  • sparksco and the whole SaberMod Dev Team
  • tuxafgmur
  • IAmTheOneTheyCallNeo
  • JustArchi
  • fusionjack
  • Android-Andi
  • Infected_

XDA:DevDB Information
[ROM][Weekly][P51xx][KK][4.4.4][Linaro][SaberMod][Full-O3][Dhollmen] CyanogenMod 11, ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Source Code: https://github.com/CyanogenMod

ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.0.x
ROM Firmware Required: CWM Recovery
Based On: CyanogenMod

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: CyanogenMod 11.0

Created 2014-06-23
Last Updated 2014-11-15
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Name:	24b5fdt.png
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ID:	2813919   Click image for larger version

Name:	r90jt1.png
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Name:	xpsklc.png
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ID:	2813921  
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