Question [Q] Folder aren't displayed in WINDOWS

Hi everyone.

I have a 16 GB Google Nexus 7 with Android 4.3. (Last yearís model, not the newest one.)

The Nexus 7 is hooked up to my desktop computer via a USB cable,
Iíve make some new folder using ES File Explorer.and arranged my pdf files accordingly. But when i connect nexus 7 to pc it dosen't show any new changes made by es file explorer(despite when i am using the latest version)...
To view all my files on pc in the same manner ......i have to restart my tablet and again connect it to pc

I was wondering why this is happening .
Is this problem in my Tablet only or every nexus user is facing it...???

my tablet isn't rooted
and i am running Windows 7 ultimate on PC


Thank you!