Default Help! HTC One Dead and Not Charging!

Last night I updates my HTC One to 4.4.2 Telstra update from 4.3. It charged normally for a bit and then after a while it would not charge anymore!
After the battery died I plugged it in again and it would flash a red light and then turn solid with the charging animation show up. Then it would turn off again and repeat the process. After an hour it got to 3%.

Now it is completely dead! Plugged in to power socket or computer, it wont charge or be recognised! I would really appreciate your help!!!!!
Current Devices:
HTC One 4G LTE 801S 32GB [Silver]
HTC Sensation XE G18 Z715E [White]

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HTC One XL X325S 4G LTE 32GB [Black]
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Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus GT-I9250 16GB [Black]
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