Default [REQ] Change Recent Apps Style (LewaOS 5)

I have Karbonn A9+ with 512 MB RAM (Android 4.1.2). I installed Lewa OS 5 ROM. In which recent apps window is associated with the default launcher.
Like in Google Now launcher when we swipe left, we get Google Now, similarly in Lewa when we swipe left we get recent apps window.

So due to low RAM sometimes the launcher closes and when I hold home button for multitasking, I need to wait till the launcher gets open. So this also restricts me from changing launcher because when I will hold home button I will have to wait till the default launcher of opened completely.

Only one thing I found working which is Xposed Module- XuiMod, from which I can change recent apps style to Ginger Bread, but that's old and I can not swipe away apps.
So if possible can anyone tell me how to get stock recent apps style. I am a newbie so I will require more explanation, sorry for it though.