Question [Q] SG4 on CyanogenMod: Wi-Fi Tether Fix !?

Hey all, I'm experiencing an annoying problem that could become a major problem if I find no fix.

I'm on CyanogenMod ROM, 4.4.2, 11-20140210... Wi-Fi tethering is broken on CyanogenMod, that is a known fact; I'm looking for a fix, seems some people are able to implement workarounds. I have read like a hundred threads here on XDA and elsewhere, but still not sure what should I do.

Does anyone have this problem, and is there a reliable fix (besides changing ROMs)?

PS: this is not a phone problem or a provider limitation; I have been tethering for years with Galaxy phones on Fido... It's confirmed it's due to Cyanogen and something to do with IP Tables (whatever that is).
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