Default [Q] Kingo Root and SuperSu

I had rooted with Kingo and installed the chainfire SuperSU in Januarary. Titainin Backup, Rom Mgr, etc... all request permissions and were working fine. Then around the binning of Mar, I noticed that when updates for these apps installed, they didn't have SU access.

SuperSU has stopped working. Root Checker states device is not-rooted. If I un-install Chainfire SuperSu, then Root Checker states device is rooted and Titain Backup, Rom Mgr, etc.... all work again.
However, I don't like my root being wide open to any app. I'd prefer a su that sets permissions.
I see "su" in sustem/xbin, but no busybox.

Has anyone had this problem, or a suggestion?

-Thanks, Jim