Question [Q] Canīt get into recovery (CWM) via hardware keys - but only via adb-command

Ever since my installation of a wrong firmware on my F320L (Korean variant) a few months ago, I canīt get into stock-recovery any more. At that time I didnīt install CWM or TWRP, nor did I flash any custom ROMs, but something must have broken the recovery along the line. Since then I could never get into recovery mode or use the hard factory reset function, even though after installation of the right firmware for my device, everything else worked fine again. Download mode too is OK.

Now I have recently flashed stock-firmware (F320L 11c), rooted and installed CWM
Interestingly I canīt access CWM via the hardware-keys either, just as the problem before with the stock recovery, but I can get into CWM if I use the adb command to boot into recovery.

But in order to do that the device must be fully functional and bootable, otherwise adb wonīt work. I am a bit concerned that if anything happens and I were to soft-brick my device, I wouldnīt get into CWM-recovery any more, since it is not accessible via hardware key-combination, but only over the adb-command.

Anybody got an idea how to solve this issue?