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Flashed HyperDrive RLS15 over the stock ROM this morning. Flashed the Modules before reboot and after install. Only issue I had was TouchWiz Home crashing on occasion, but a kindly soul on here told me it looked like it was an issue associated with restoring data. Although I didn't restore data, I also chose to just flash over the Stock ROM and use the installers Wipe/Factory Reset option instead of wiping the ROM slot first. All I had to do was boot into recovery with SafeStrap and Wipe the new ROM, reboot, and good to go.

Oh, and the free space on the device using the flashed Stock ROM is now close to 6Gigs! Oh the Glory! Gonna give everything a few days and if it all remains good to go, I'll delete the RLS14 ROM and maybe try some other ROM's out, now that I have room.
glad you got it figured out. Good luck.
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