Arrow LG CSMG Notification Page

Here is a link to the LG CSMG Notification page that some of you will find useful.

You can download LG Flash Tool amongst other things such as G2 disassembly guide etc.

My Applications

EFS Professional v2.1.73 (With Qualcomm NV Tools and PIT Magic) - For All Android Devices

LG CSMG Tool v1.0.21 - For LG Mobile Server Queries and Firmware Checking

PIT Magic v1.3.10 - Samsung PIT Creator, Editor and Analyzer

Odin ROM Package Builder v1.3 - Complete Pre-Root and Repack Utilities for Linux

Samsung Quick Root v1.7.10 And HTC Quick Root v1.1.13 - All In One Root / Unroot Solutions
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