Exclamation Questions before buy a z1

hi folks,
i want to change my htc one, i was first thinking of m8 or z2, but when i see the price, i am not that fast...
so i had a look to the z1 compact, wich seems quite nice, and i like what sony is doing these days.
first question i had in mind: is it possible to use the external microphone you can see in z2 accessories, and it seems that the answer is no, due to the 5 pin jack, bummer

now the other question, can you run lifelog on z1 ? i guess it should n be a probleme, if somebody can confirm, would be great.

i ve read here and there that the z1 camera was suffering of quality picture issues, did you guys got an update to fix that (knowing it s same camera than z2 )
Also on z2 they talk about steady motion for recording video, i guess it s only software stuff, is it implemented on the z1 ?

Thx for your replies
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