Default Sim card slot distorted


I had bought a new sim card & had it cut into a micro sim from standard size.
When I inserted in the sim 1 slot, it didn't fit in properly. There was no spring action that I could feel & it got stuck. So removed it with a small plucking tool. In the process the gold plated bottom of the slot got distorted.
Is it repairable or have I lost that sim slot forever?

Device History:

Motorola L6 (Signal problem, SOLD)
Sony Ericsson K790i (IC burned, gathering dust somewhere in a service center)
Nokia N79 (Still works )
Sony Xperia U (Touch problems after 1.5 yrs, SOLD)
Nokia Lumia 920 (Never had a problem, missed android & SOLD, biggest REGRET )
Moto G (Current, Rooted, Unlocked Bootloader, CM11)