Default Strange SD Issue!?!

OK straaange issue here Someone advices me to install 9.4 to s-off so I installed 9.4 (was on 53 first)

But before trying s-off I wanted to try ARHD 60 so I putted it in the root of my phone and in download folder as backup

When I go to recovery the zip of ARHD 60 is not visible not in the root and not in the download folder!?!?!
Only thing I see in the root is AHRD 9.4
I rebooted the phone and on the pc there is no ARHD 9.4 in the root but ARHD 60 also in download folder ARHD 60 is visible

WHAT!?!?!?!? Please anyone help me!?
HTC One M8 - GunMetall Grey
HTC Dot View Case - Black
ROM Skin: N/A
Recovery: TWRP 2.6.
Recovery Theme: N/A