Default TV Not detecting external storage anymore (Android 4.3)

I connected my Sony Xperia M (C1905) ( running on Android 4.3 Jelly bean) on my Samsung 32" C550 Series 5 LCD TV,to be able to watch 1080p movies,I set my phone's usb connection mode to Mass Storage Mode (MSC),Then there comes a notification on my phone saying Sdcard Connected but when i pressed MEDIA.P on my Tv's remote, the TV showed a notification it says No external storage device found.Check the connection status,When my phone is still on 4.1.2 i can still successfully connect it to my samsung tv and it successfully detects the external storage,but since i update to 4.3 it seems that the tv is not detecting my phone's external storage anymore,I tried connecting my phone on a Sony Bravia TV and it successfully detected the external storage,Why is it that my samsung tv isn't detecting it anymore?

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