Default [Q] no sound/videos are too fast

Hello XDA After looking around the FAQs and a few of the stickeys I think I'm ready to make my first post. Please be kind.

The Problem

I was listing to Pandora (through the phone no Bluetooth.) And mid listening I presumed it crashed. I later found it was still "playing" but with no sound. I dismissed this until I realized it was on all music (excluding games). Also, its like its fast forwarding (x5?) This is on both local and streaming videos & music in all players (including YouTube, Gallery, BS Player, Avia, Apollo ext.)

About my Phablet

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxey Note 3
CM 11-20140130-NIGHTLY-hltetmo
(Android 4.4.2 based)

Any ideas on how to fix this?


A standard reset did not fix this, but removing the battery, SIM card, and SD card and putting them back seemed to do the trick.