Talking [FIX][SGH-T759] Unbrick for Exhibit 4G from T-Mobile

So I bricked my SGH-T759. Spent 10+ hours trying to fix this POS. FINALLY I found someone posting a stock rom. Problem was that the message was really geared towards people who knew what they were doing, and not having used the tools or this phone in that way, I did not. This made matters worse. HOWEVER, I did fix it! So I am going to post a detailed guide and recompiled package.

First off, credit to the guy who found the files, Devil-Dog, this is his original post:

I am not responsible for what this may do to your phone, mother, sister, or girlfriend. Use at your own risk.

OK, lets begin.

Step by Step Unbrick
  1. Download Unbrick-SGH-T759-1.0.tar.gz
  2. Download Heimdall
  3. Both files should be bellow
  4. If you are using Vista or up and 64 bit, disable driver enforcement. Google this part.
  5. Unzip Heimdall
  6. Enter the driver folder
  7. Turn off your phone and unplug it
  8. Hold the volume + AND - buttons down
  9. Plug it into the computer
  10. It should appear in download mode
  11. Run zadig.exe as admin
  12. Under Options and select List all devices
  13. Select Samsung USB Composite or (Unknown Device if you didnt install the Samsung drivers)
  14. Install Driver
  15. Now go back a folder
  16. Run heimdall-frontend.exe as admin
  17. Under Heimdall Firmware Package, hit Browse
  18. Choose Unbrick-SGH-T759-1.0.tar.gz
  19. Hit Load / Customize
  20. Hit start, and WAIT
  21. After phone reboots, you should now be fine!

Not so complicated eh? THAT took me 10+ hours to figure out (and find those files) >.>

Hopefully this alleviates a lot of headaches for those of you struggling!

Downloads (Attachments gave me 404 errors?!):