Default vibrate on call connect without root on 4.4 kitkat

after i bought moto g i had to give up on a feature i was used to, phone vibrating on call connect, really useful, not having the phone on the ear until the call is really connected and keeping out the high radiation coming in the connection time (known peek time for radiation)

i had to give up on it because i choose to not root this phone, actually ive been able to do all the stuff i was used to with my last rooted phone, but the vibrate on call connect feature

ive discovered a really easy way to do it, as stated on this app page

the following instructions are for this vibrate call app but you can use for any other app that have this feature just recovering the app name on the adb shell command, if you for instance want to use the exdialer vibrate plugin just put com.modoohut.dialer.plugin.connectvibrate instead com.robin.huangwei.vibrate250

hope this would be helpful

1. On your phone go to settings->developer options->toggle on USB debugging. If you cannot even find the developer options in settings menu, you should go to settings->about phone->scroll to the last item "build number" and click on it for more than 10 times and then the hidden item of developer options will be shown.
2. Install the driver of your Android phone, and go to to download the Android SDK tools, and extract it on your PC
3. Connect your phone with your PC with USB cable, you might see a dialog asking for confirmation to enable debugging this phone with the PC, select YES
4. On your PC, open a terminal command line shell, like cmd or powershell, execute "adb devices" you can see the connected device listed there.
5. If all of above are OK, just execute the command line below:
adb shell "pm grant com.robin.huangwei.vibrate250 android.permission.READ_LOGS"
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