Default [solved] Note 3 Compass spinning gyro_cal_data

I had a problem with my Note 3 Compass "spastic spinning problem" I tried a bunch of fixes from the forums. Calibrating with GPS Status would calm it down a bit for a minute, then it would start spinning again. I was thinking that maybe permissions were screwed up in the config file, but finally found a file in /efs "gyro_cal_data".
I decided to move it out of efs so I could see if it was causing the problem. Yup, that was it. gyro_cal_data didn't rebuild in efs and compass gyro are back to normal.

Used root explorer to move the file to external sd card, so I could move it back if needed. Rebooted, GPS compass and gyroscope were now smoothly moving. Used tools from GPS Status Pro to calibrate compass, pitch, and roll. It's all good now

Checkout the screen capture clip">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">