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Gaining root and recovery on your S5
As you know, the S5 development community has been booming these last few days, turned out i found a guy with the device(@leoaudio13), so we were able to help gain root from CF and a working custom recovery from @PlayfulGod, in addition to these i made a version of my app to backup the EFS for this device and add support to my rom kitchen for this device.
So lets cut the crap.
This is an extremely easy procedure.
Step 1. Install Samsung USB drivers on your PC
Step 2. Download Odin 3.07 on your PC
Step 3. Download an ODIN flashable recovery onto your PC
Step 4. Open odin, click the PDA button, navigate to the recovery file(tar file) you just downloaded, MAKE SURE only F. Reset Time and Auto reboot are selected.
Step 5. Boot into download mode(hold the menu button, power button, and volume down button all together simultaneously until the device reboots)
Step 6. When you see that odin detects your device(a colored indicator will turn on) click start
Follow this guide, its a universal root method by me. S5 Universal Root method
Backup device
Step 1. Boot into recovery(hold the menu button, power button, and volume up button all together simultaneously until the device reboots)
Step 2. Select the backup button and confirm backup
Backup EFS
Step 1. Download my app the Samsung Tool onto your device
Step 2. Install it as a normal app
Step 3. Open the app and grant root
Step 4. Select backup EFS, choose what storage to backup to, and start backup(will be in the storage of your choice in a folder called "SamsungTool")
@leoaudio13 - Leaked device
@Chainfire - Root
@PlayfulGod - Being as his name states and building a working recovery
@ricky310711(me) - Samsung tool app and supporting S5 in my kitchen
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