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I tried all of them, except the busybox idea.

I got it to work though, what I did was clean flash back to stock.

Then I flashed DOOMLORDS kernel + TWRP (http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=2338693).

Then I booted into TWRP, factory reset, wiped devilik cache.

Then flashed the CARBON ROM, then the Gapps.

Works great. The als sensor works fine, it was a bit eratic at first but it seems to have come good now.

Don't have the WiFi problem.

I see the white screen, but I think that is a easy fix.

Don't have the time problem.

Don't have the gallery problem.

I do have the camera problem. I even had a time the phone locked up and had to do a hard reset.
Woops wrong thread.
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