Smile [app] fastest keyboard with swype + fix for xmp hw keyboard

I found this keyboard while desperately looking for one that would show suggestions when using the hardware keyboard.
This one does, and it also got swype while having a size of less then 500 kb (without dictionary).
It has also got the ability of changing the hardware keyboard layout. Strangely it is enabled by default, so my azerty became a qwerty when using that keyboard. (I didn't know apps could take over a hardware thing???) You can turn it off in the settings -> physical keys -> remap keys. You can also change the hardware layout yourself by changing the 'language keycode' in the same settings pane, however I don't know what you should enter (qwerty is the default at 204).

you can find it here:
There are some quirks, since it is a beta.
For instance you can't type a web address decently, as it will always put a space behind a dot (unless you turn off 'insert space after swype')
Also, It will by default use auto-correction on password and log in fields, which you can also turn off by deselecting 'always predict'.

I almost forgot to mention one thing: it's by fr the fastest keyboard I have ever seen. Even after coldboot, the keyboard will popup instantly after hitting a text field.