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T-Mobile Note3 randomly rebooting

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Default T-Mobile Note3 randomly rebooting

So, I got my Note3 last week as soon as I heard CM11 nightlies were officially available. I spent zero time with the stock ROM.

Everything installed perfectly the first time. CM11 ran nearly perfectly, especially considering it's a nightly and there are no stable releases or RCs, yet, etc.

On Thursday I spent a full day at my desk at work. I noticed that my phone rebooted in my pocket. I figured "hey, it's a nightly...I've seen far worse"....then I noticed almost every 2 hours it seemed to reboot again, sometimes more frequently. It never rebooted in the middle of me using it...only while in my pocket.

So, I figured "hey, no big deal. Another nightly or two and this should be ironed out." So I restored my stock backup on Friday after work. All weekend long, no problems whatsoever. I figured it must have been something wonky in the nightly CM11.

Then on Monday, while sitting at my desk, it happened again...and again....and again. Same exact circumstances. I figured maybe I borked something so I got a restore-to-stock and flashed it via Odin.

Well, long story short this continues to be a problem whenever I spend any significant time at my desk at work. It doesn't happen anywhere else so far. It happens with any ROM I throw at it. I've Googled around and it appears that I'm far from the only person experiencing this problem however I don't experience froot-loops like a lot of people. Just semi-random reboots.

Now, I'm pretty convinced that a different (or new) modem would take care of this. I had the GS2 on Sprint and we had a problem we referred to as "LOS" (Loss Of Service) which typically required a reboot...even on my bone-stock seems to happen with the same randomness. One thing I do know about sitting at my desk, my phone is constantly switching back and forth between H, H+, LTE, DC and occasionally E...Edge being the only thing that gets solid service about 1 wobbly bar.

That's my own theory. This isn't a deal breaker for me. It only happens at work and if I wait a few seconds my phone is back in commission without any intervention.

Anyone else have a similar experience, tips, ideas, theories...? I'm more curious than anything.
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Perhaps a Wi-Fi issue?
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Originally Posted by krelvinaz View Post
Perhaps a Wi-Fi issue?
I keep wifi off at all times, wifi scanning set to off. I have unlimited data and my 4G speeds outclass my (relatively very good) cable modem speeds at home and at work (I live and work a stones throw from the NOC...I mean...literally, across the street from both places). I would prefer wifi if it wasn't sketchier than my cell connection.

So, it's not that.
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How many files on your microSD card? Notice I asked how many, not how much space taken up. Android's media-scanner service seems to have huge stability issues once you cross the 10,000 files threshold. If that's your case, delete some files and see if it still reboots. I had about 10k files, deleted down to 6.5k and no more random reboots for me.
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I have the same issue, and I don't have a micro SD card in the slot. The phone will randomly restart, usually after unlocking the phone. I have disabled wifi-scanning, auto app updates, and factory reset device, but nothing helps. It didn't do this before the kit kat update. It only happens maybe once a day or every other day. It's not terrible, just annoying at times. I'm thinking its a software bug.
Also, i'm running everything stock at the moment.
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I have been on Cyanogenmod nightlies since I got the phone...and in the past week or two it does not reboot randomly with either Cyanogen or AOKP. At all. Still does with TW, I haven't taken the KK update so I don't know if that will help or hurt....and unless I absolutely am required to I won't be taking that update ever.
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Maybe some kind of interference, that's kinda odd that it's happening only at your desk. And on stock.....

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