Default Perpetually Active Software - WeChat

WeChat is a fun and useful program that everyone I know uses... and I guess nobody cares about this issue but me, but its a serious issue

Wechat can never be prevented from launching on start up, even from Super User... no matter what, it just pops right back onto the list of start up applications immediately after its disabled

you can end the running process, end the cached process, use several task managers to prevent it from running or starting at boot.. but nothing ever works

and as soon as you get a message from someone, your phone message light starts blinking and a wechat icon appears in the taskbar.. even when there was no sign of the program even active at all

and i've found even worse violations from other chinese programs like tudou, youku, sohu, etc.. their programs will actually not start at boot, but suddenly appear with messages and news feeds in your information bar, and will even start downlaoding media to your phone without your permission

any idea how I can sever wechats malicious control & permissions violations and stop it from booting, and also prevent messages when the app hasnt been launched?

i've literally tried everything


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