Tablet [rom][t217s][stock][nb8][mh9]

Hey guys,

Please find the 2 latest firmware for the galaxy Tab 3 SM-T217S for Sprint.

Flash through Odin 3.09 ONLY. It ill stay on boot for atleast 5 to 10mins [Be Patient]

Not responsible if you brick your phone because you don't know what you were doing.

Not taking credit for this since it's pretty easy to do and I did not see a thread related to this

If you happen to mess up your wifi capability, this firmware will also fix it so you won't have to take it back to your nearby store <-- I am a living proof

Firmware: NB8

Older Firmware: MH9

NOTE: Links were taken from very secure websites as I did not feel like paying for unlimited traffic . I got both of my firmwares from the links above.
::Phone:: Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 (White)
::Recovery:: TeamWin Recovery Project 2.7.0
::Firmware:: Rooted MJA kitkat 4.4.2
::Kernel:: 3.4 Cyanomod Kernel
::ROM:: AOSP - SlimKitKat
::MicroSD Card:: 64GB SanDisk (Fat32 Formatted)