Default I'm ready for scorched earth, but would not prefer Knox. Can't get Wifi enabled.

Ok. I had stock rooted for awhile from Apr of last year until a few months ago when I decided to venture out & try CM. I decided to switch ROMs because my phone was feeling sluggish. CM really didn't help.

So, recently I tried to go back to stock & keep Knox off my phone. I was on MF9 baseband/modem. I was reading the 2 threads on how to get NAE modem working with MF9 & I couldn't get either method to work. Neither would enable me to have Wifi enabled. I tried several times going through each process. (These are the threads: &

I tried flashing CM on top of NAE, it just froze on the Samsung boot logo. I tried flashing it from Philz/CWM, neither worked.

I tried Odin flashing MF9 stock rooted. Again froze on Samsung boot logo. I flashed the MF9 All in One modem/bootloader, THEN Odin flashing MF9. Still no go.

I'm in the process of a stock MK2 ROM flash/install & will try to flash CM again. I'm almost ready to restore a 6 month old NAND, but I'm not sure if that helps me (does the NANDs back up bootloaders? I forget).

I'm at my wit's end. No Wifi, no text messages. Phone calls not connecting or ringing. Really frustrated.
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