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Don't get me wrong I love my phone. But just had to quickly get this off my chest. Minor annoyances.

1. Only the international/developer version gets the HTC Silicone case for the M8 in box. Why not make that standard across all models? This is a beautiful case, my friend works for Verizon Wireless as an Engineer/IT and when we met up a couple of times around January-end to Feb I saw that he had this phone with him trying to test it in real life settings on their network. His case came with the phone in the box. I thought that the case fit well with the phone and the color scheme worked well also. I was praying and hoping that this was the case across US Carriers.

2. No free google drive space for US Carrier phones? Once again international/developer vs US Carrier bias. What gives HTC?

3. I'm fine with Carrier branding on the back, but why that Ugly crookedly placed Phone ID sticker on the back? I know you can take it off, but just include it in the box and leave it as an option to stick on it yourself or save it for warranty purposes.

4. I hope for once in the future Carrier IQ and Bloatware will be optional or taken out completely. This is where iOS and Apple excels in terms of regulating carrier bloatware on their phones. I know Carrier IQ will be on most phones and hard to track sometimes.

5. ATT please include the Sim card that comes with the phone in the shipped box and dont open my phone prior to shipping and put it in there for me. Now I know why the phone was scratched on the corners and by the Sim Door. SMH...

That is all, sorry had to vent. Lol...
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