Default [Q] Parrot MKI Android sniffer

Hello !

Like many others I am using a Nexus 7 as my car head unit. Unfortunately there is no way to use the Nexus 7 as phone remote control.
With Tablet Talk there is a way to control an android device, that's just nice, but I think there could be more...

With that what I readed, with the current bluetooth protocoll there is no solution, but what if you try to use an iphone or a windows phone or what ever...

So I thought, if I use a Parrot MKI I can control all the calls and dial via a contact that was synchronized with my phone.

Is there any project around to sniff the parrot protocoll, i.e. what telegramm is send to the MKI if a button on the remote control is send, or how to send a command that dials a number.