Default [Q] Device Brick!!! HELP!

I think I bricked my phone.... :'(

I was running Android Rev 61.1 and then my screen started to flash and then it would reboot. It kept doing it and so then I decided to try to wipe my phone and install Android Rev 6.1 GE and then it would get to the "pick a language screen" and then after 2 or so seconds it would shut the screen down and if I press the lock button then it would reboot.

I went to format my storage and then (like a complete IDIOT) I formatted the whole thing causing me to lose all my ROMs on the internal storage.

Now I can't put any ROMs on it cause the only place that I can access without it rebooting is the TWRP recovery.

I'm soooo stupid....

idk the ROM was really messed up..

Any way to load a ROM onto my phone (like CM) while I'm in recovery?

I am trying the Android Revolution method.

I have the mini-sdk downloaded and put on my c:\ drive. I download the HTC Sync Manager to get the drivers and after that I run the cmd.exe in the mini-sdk folder. When I type in adb shell it puts out the line ~ # ←[6n

What do I do then?
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