Default screen all of a sudden wont go on just flashes

Battery was low this morning so plugged it in a few hours ago left it plugged in for a while didnt look at it once took it off charger went to power it on and the screen just flashes nothing is on it just flashes as if its going on but it doesnt, tried holding the power and home button and it says to press power for recovery or home for factory mode, tried both and nothing happends. Tried holding down the power button for over a minute and screen just kept flashing on and off every 2 seconds. Don't have my lil screw driver with me again i should just keep it in my pocket for battery pulls with the issues ive had lately.
Running a Callisto 100 with loki's most recent firmware release. any thoughts? other than battery pull when i get home?

edit: got home did battery pull tried again still didnt work noticed charger at work wasnt charging the watch when i had plugged it in i guess it was unplugged from under my desk. tried charging at home now alls good again