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Hello I'm new to xperia Z1.

I also rooted and installed ihacker rom v3.

My battery was fully charged. But after installation my phone is not starting.

In flash mode when I try to flash the stock it disconnects and reconnects. I'm not even able to install stock rom now.

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Ok while I was typing phone flashed the stock rom. I think this problem is with ihacker rom?
No it's not.
Ihackers is working without any problems...

I said that many times but I'll repeat...

When you are flashing ROM (ftf) through flashtool, don't connect device immediately.

Open flashtool, select ftf and hit start.
Wait until flashtool say "connect device"
Then plug usb cable while holding vol down.

That way you'll prevent device to restart while it's waiting flashtool to prepare ftf...

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