Default [Q] Google Wallet Not Working / Up To Date

I'm trying to use Tap & Pay on my new M8 and it is being declined with a weird message, I called the wallet 24/7 support line and they said that the version of wallet on the play store isn't up to date for the new M8 and that the play store will not download the new release of 2.0-160-r2, instead it downloads 2.0-r155-v15 and says its up to date. He is escalating the issue to a higher tier but says it could be up to a week, I kinda need it now lol.

I guess my question is, does anyone know where I can find the .apk for version 2.0-160-r2? I tried googeling with no success, I can't even find any indication of a 160 update to the wallet app. Anyone have any idea's? Anyone else able to get tap & pay to work with your M8? If so what is your version of the wallet app?