Default [Q] ADB Cannot find CWM?!?

Hi guys,

I have a huge issue and cannot fix it ( specially when I need my tablet for saturday ). I recently tried to install cyanogen mod 10 on my Archos 101 G9 Turbo using CWM v6.0.3.1

It's now just booting into the CWM and nowhere else.

Things I've tried:

Connecting via ADB ( get onto that inna minute ) ( failed )
Accessing External SD Card ( failed )

First thing I tried:
I installed ADB on my pc and tried to connect to my tablet to try and push ICS@Blue but upon starting ADB's server up and typing "adb usb" or "adb devices" it comes up as either:
"error: device not found"
"List of devices attached" with nothing after that.

This is all with the "Install zip from sideload" enabled in CWM.

The Second thing I tried:
When I first tried to access my external sd card, it wasn't having any of it. I mounted the external_sd in CWM and it didn't show up so after looking on the internet, I found that my version doesn't support anything other than FAT32 and my sd card was formatted to FAT, so I reformatted to FAT32, re-put ICS@Blue onto the card and booted CWM back up

Then after re mounting the external_sd, and looking for it, I couldn't find any way of accessing the external sd card.

I really don't know what's going on and more importantly how to fix it!

Hope you guys can help!