Default [Q] Note II Won't Charge

My GN2 just randomly started an issue with charging. Sometimes it will charge for about 10 minutes then it will stop. Other times it won't even recognize that I have plugged it in. Other times I will plug it in, the charging LED light will turn on, but the phone won't actually state that it is charging and won't charge regardless. It will not charge while it is turned off either. I have tried 4 different cables and blocks, tried using my computer to charge it but it doesn't recognize it anymore either. I have wiggled it into different positions, cleaned out the port, wiped cache and dalvik, flashed my ROM again, ect. The problem still persists. Do you think it is a faulty/damaged charging port? I have purchased a new one and a going to replace it when it arrives in about a week. Any other ideas in the meantime as to what it might be and how to solve it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
AT&T/Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Note 2
KitKat 4.4 CM 11