Default Pie controls & dual window, quickmemo

I use LMT to get Pie Controls on my LG G2 with LG G Pro 2 rom, but I can't seem to be able to link any one the pie buttons to Dual Window and Quick Memo.

Dual Window is normally set to Long Press Back, but mapping a pie button's long press to Long Press Back doesn't do anything.

Quick Memo appears in the App list when I use "open App" as the pie control option, but clicking it does nothing.

Is there a way to get these to work through pie controls? I like these functions a lot and it'd be a real bummer if I had to give them up to use pie controls.

I can access Quick Memo through my notification bar, so that's not the biggest problem... If I can somehow use Dual-Window through the notification center that would be an acceptable plan B option.