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I'm by no means am a developer, but this is accurate. I had the HTC Incredible and sold it on Craigslist a few years later. To restore it to complete stock, I had to use the Stock RUU, lock the bootloader, and turn S-On. However, I've heard of some people buying a brand new device with S-Off from the factory. Both of my HTC devices were S-On. I used rumrunner to S-Off my One Max and Revoked to S-Off my original Incredible.

With that said, is there a guide/tool to turn S-On with our One Max? Just for information purposes.

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Yes there us if you use the just the adb lines from the HTC one forum of return to stock thread in general there it works on the max I've used it twice I posted a link in the general thread when I get my replacement phone again tomorrow I'll make a video guide on how to do it fully too on Sunday I posted a link to it in the Verizon encrypted ruu thread

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if i was able to help you hit the thanks button on a developer with them we wouldn't be able to this becuase they were able to make these roms, tweaks, mods and files for us to use..
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