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30/03/2014 v4 Stable
> Stable version for Daily use
> Fixe lag for gaming
> Reduces lag when opening apps
> Some values changed again
> Fix wifi tether problem on some devices
> Build.prop tweak on different package, separated from Engine
and build.prop tweak will backup your old build.prop to
sd card/Reincarnation_Engine folder
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thanks. its best
[ro.product.model]: [GT-I8190N]
[ro.product.name]: [goldennfcxx]
[gsm.version.baseband]: [I8190NDXLL7]

HD T8282 [security unlocked]
Radio :
HSPL : 1.56.OliNex

Haret ROM Chainloader Emulator
// Linux on Blackstone
/* latest zImage builds

nearst @freenode