Default Flashable (via recovery) VNC server? Or similar software?

Hey guys,

My Nexus 4 screen+digitiser are dead (I replaced the whole phone with a Moto G because it was nearly the same price as repair). I changed recovery from TWRP to CWM, installed a stock ROM but now I'm stuck. I can't set up the phone without being able to touch the screen, can't add a bluetooth keyboard without touching, can't remotely control with ADB without touching (to confirm the request), and I can't remotely install anything because I haven't added my Google account yet (clean flash of stock ROM).

I've tried to Google this but have had no luck, do any of you guys know if there exists a flashable VNC or other remote software which I can just stick on the phone, and then be able to VNC straight in (without confirmation) to control the phone and get it set up?

I wanted to set up the phone as a desktop computer for the kids (MHL-HDMI for the monitor, bluetooth keyboard and mouse for control, speakers in the headphone jack for sound).

Thanks for reading my question guys and any ideas you may have!
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