Cool [Q] Android device encryption - How to locate device if lost and phone is restarted

Hi everyone,

Its my first time posting posting here and hopefully im at the right place. I have recently decided to encrypt my device but a question popped up in my mind and couldnt find any answers.

If my device is encrypted and lost is there any way to locate my device if it has been restarted and whoever found is stuck at the unlock screen. From what I understand the password is requested before the phone is fully started and that worries me and find this pointless if there is no way to locate my device. Currently my phone is unlocked in case someone tries to put their SIM card in which will allow the device to notify me but that is pointless if once my device is restarted and stuck at the unlocking screen I cant locate it. Im fairly techy and open to any solutions even if it requires loading a custom rom.

Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 i747 on Rogers network with stock Firmware 4.3. Was previously rooted with TWRP recovery but restored to encrypt my device. Im waiting on a possible solution before I restore my phone to its previous state.

Thanks for all your help.