Default Phone not recognized by ADB

Hey guys. I'm trying to root my m8 by using the toolkit. Well, I try to get the Token ID but adb fails since it can't find any devices. I've uninstalled the drivers, re installed, tried different sources, everything and I just can't get it to be recognized by ADB.

Anybody have any ideas? I'm running Win8x64


HTC One M8 - ASOB 1.3.3

~/$git commit -am "Summary: Bug #42 finally fixed. Details: The bug was relabeled as a feature."
~/$ git push origin master

Previous Devices:
Samsung SGS III
Asus Transformer (sold)
Nokia Lumia 900 - Abandoned... hated WP7
HTC Tilt 2 aka Rhodium (sold)
Samsung Captivate (still own, AOKP nightly)