Default Need help unpackimg boot img

I checked around and I found some stuff for GS3 but nothing for ouya. I'm looking into checking out the boot image to make changes so my usb drive shows up as an sdcard. I've made some changes to init and vold files, but on reboot, the init gets replaced. I want to look at the boot image to see what I can change to enable something like this. Older version of the ouya firmware were having issues with usb drives not being mounted and the solution was to change the vold file to mount usbdrive in mnt/sdcard; which is what I want. Ouya devs heard our cries so secondary_storage in the other init file is listed for the mmc now and it labels usbdrive as external_Storage , to be mounted to mnt/usbdrive. I've got some games that don't save files to an external usbdrive and keeps looking for external storage that is NOT a usb drive; ie sdcard.

Namely the app I want is worms armageddon. I'm tired of using my fat thumbs to rope around. I want to try it out with the joystick.