Default [Q] AOSP Theme (system apps)

Okay, I really like the stock LG ROM because of the cool features it has built in it. But what I don't like that much is the "messy" white color in the LG Apps, for example the Settings-app. Is there any way I can "fully theme" my F320S to look like the KitKat UI without changing ROM?

I'm not a developer and I have no experience at all at modding .apks and other system files. But wouldn't it be cool? I know I could install a normal settings-app, but then I would loose many of the LG-made sections and stuff as their not implemented into the other settings-apps. I hope some others also want this :P
Thanks in advance
Phone: LG G2 F320S
Status: Up & Running
ROM: Mahdi-ROM V3
Android Version: 4.4.3
Recovery: PhilZ Touch

Tablet: Google Nexus 7
Status: Up &Running
ROM: Mahdi-ROM
Android Version: 4.4.3
Recovery: PhilZ 5.03.0